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Image of poster for October 22, 2004 event

jpg of May 6 poster

October 22, 2004 - El Cocal

Norman Nawrocki

& the Flying Folk Army

The Rebel Mouse's first event!  With not too much notice, the (at the time) collective of one pulled together a show at the fabulous Mexican/Salvadoran women-run Commercial Drive resturant El Cocal.

The real fun started a few days before the gig with a perogie party hosted at a certain notorious east-end house.  Norman brought the direction, everybody brought ingredients, vodka, and their hands.  A few hours and many toasts later, we all had dinner!

Then, Friday rolled around. The small restaurant was packed and rapt with attention while Norman delivered an hour of firey anarchist preachin' & violin.  Then the Flying Folk Army crowded on to the tiny stage and, suddenly, a dance floor erupted.  Where we found the room, nobody knows.  After a few (too) short hours, it was all over.  There was nothing left but to clean up & promise Norman a larger venue for his next visit.

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Pictures of Norman

Pictures of the Flying Folk Army

Norman's Perogie Party Recipe (coming soon)

Sorry, Perogie Party pictures were lost in a hard drive crash!


A review, photos & a recording of this event coming soon...

Friday May 6th

at Silkhaus - 135 Keefer Street

(1 block W. of Main, 2 blocks S. of Hastings)

Vancouver's own

Submission Hold

playing their last  local show before a lengthy hiatus...

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From Montreal

Norman Nawrocki

of Rhythm Activism, Da Zoque! & Bakunin's Bum
performing solo & in collaboration with Submission Hold

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From Brighton, UK

Lianne Hall

of Witchknot, the Broken Heart Club and Pico
performing solo

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